Closed Circuit Television


Closed Circuit Television also known as video surveillance, is a set of cameras connected by cable to designated monitors and no more. There is also the possibility to include DVRs (Digital Video Recorders) of different capacities to save video for later usage, from just minutes to hours, days or even years.


CCTV relies on strategic placement of cameras and private observation of the camera's input on monitors. The system is called "closed-circuit" because the cameras, monitors and/or video recorders communicate across a proprietary coaxial cable run or wireless communication link. Access to data transmissions is limited by design.

Closed circuit television cameras are used in a variety of circumstances to provide video surveillance.

If CCTV cameras constantly monitor a retail business, criminals will likely seek an easier target. If employees know that they are constantly being watched, they are less likely to steal from their employer or waste time on the job.

Customer service employees are often required to handle angry or frustrated customers. Face-to-face interactions with an angry customer can put the employee in physical danger.

If a crime occurs in an establishment that has installed CCTV surveillance, investigation will be aided by the video. If an argument occurs between two employees, the employer can consult the videotape to determine what actually happened.

CCTV is employed frequently to monitor traffic and areas of public congestion. This monitoring is especially useful in identifying hit and run accidents, if the perpetrator has fled the scene. CCTV can allow you keep a close eye on large crowded areas too big to monitor on foot such as parking lots.


CCTV systems may provide real-time, time-lapse, event, or digitally recorded surveillance information to help in detecting, responding to, investigating and providing evidence for security, safety and related incidents. A CCTV system may also be used to prevent security breaches by allowing security personnel to monitor access control systems at entry points to secure areas.

CCTV is very useful to monitor areas such as bars, banks, schools, hotels, houses, etc. CCTV can also be used in the industry to observe parts of a process from a central control room, for example when the environment is not suitable for humans. You can have a CCTV system operating 24/7 or just in certain time periods.

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